The Secret Diary of Matthew Toplis Aged 13 1/24


Hello. My name is Matt Toplis & this is my Secret Diary from 1986. Each entry will be posted precisely 25 years after the original date commencing 1st Jan 2011. 1986 was the only year I kept a complete diary from start to finish. Don’t expect much – it’s not exactly Samuel Pepys – more like Adrian Mole.

Some of it is quite dull, some of it is quite amusing but most of it is excruciatingly cringe-worthy.

All the people mentioned are real. I haven’t changed any names to protect the innocent. Some I still keep in touch with, some I haven’t seen for many years. If you knew me back then you might even be in it.

I apologise in advance for causing any embarrassment and/or offence, but hey – it was 25 years ago and these are just the witterings of a 13 year old boy from a nice part of Bristol.

It’s not to be taken too seriously but feel free to comment, reminisce or even get in touch via the Contact form, Facebook or Twitter pages.

Matt Toplis (Aged 38 1/24) 🙂

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  1. You’re diary is really cool..i was in my 30’s in 1986 and was obsessed with the fashions ,the music and MTV and music videos.and I still am.People I meet don’t understand why however./the 80’s was like no other time in history..great movies and bands,society as a whole was MUCH friendlier.and mostly the music videos.I’ve been googling to find people that have not only their diaries,but their personal pictures of the 80’s online.i’m glad to find your diary and will eventually read through it entirely.

    • Hi Dennis
      Thanks for your message. I hope you enjoy the whole thing although I imagine you remember 1986 completely differently… 🙂

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