Dec 302011

30th December 1986

Wrote out all my “Thank you” letters this morning!!! 3.30pm: After a film “The land that time forgot” I went to Waitrose with mum to help get some stuff!!! Of all the people in the world why did I see Kristin there?!!! I had never felt so embarrassed in my life because I was wearing a pair of tetty jeans with 2 patches on the knees!!!! I think she noticed me and I pretended not to notice her when I walked passed her with the trolly!! Why is it always me??!!! Why?!

Ha ha! And the moral of the story is… Don’t go to Waitrose dressed as a tramp. The only thing missing was a dog on a string and the aroma of stale piss. Well, a dog on string anyway. I can’t rule the other bit out. It would have been fine had we been shopping in Adsa as I would have blended in unnoticed with all the other vagrants.

You know I really should have paid more attention while watching Gok Wan’s “How to look good in the freezer aisle”! Tee hee.

Anywho, how lovely of me to write all my “Thank You” letters to my rellies. If you gave me a present at Xmas or for my recent birthday and later received a piece of paper in the post with someĀ incomprehensible illegible incoherent scribblings on it, there’s a good chance it was from me. šŸ™‚ It’s just a “Thank You” SMS these days innit? If that. I dunno.

Ahh, “The Land That Time Forgot”. A 1975 classic. Doug McClure at his best…

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