Dec 292011

29th December 1986

Went down to the shopping centre again today!!!! Matt & I bought some “Silly String” and “party poppers” for the New year’s eve” party on Wednesday!!! I also went into “WH Smiths” and no I didn’t buy a “Mayfair” I bought a brand new diary for 1987!!! I also bought a couple of fiction books!! These were “Wolfcurse” and “The 13th Pan Book of Horror Stories!!!” When I got home Andrew Wisheart came round and we went on the computer!!!

Hang on minute! I already bought some Silly String & Party Poppers last Monday. I can’t have used them all up already, I would have surely mentioned it. How many cans of Silly String & boxes of Party Poppers does a chap need to see in the New Year? More than 1 apparently.

If you’re wondering what the significance of me not buying a copy of Mayfair is all about, well where have you been? You can start by going back almost a year ago to 2nd January and if you’re hooked just click on the Mayfair Magazine tag for all related shenanigans. Clever stuff this WordPress blogging software innit?

So, I bought my 1987 diary with the good intentions of continuing to scrawl my everyday ponderings but for some reason I never really got into it and left a massive gap in the middle so most of it is empty. The stuff I did write is really too horrendous to be released into the public domain so 1986 is all you’re gonna get!

I don’t remember much about “Wolfcurse” but “The 13th Pan Book of Horror Stories” was marvellous. I also had the 12th book in the series and some of the stories are truly horrific. I can’t recommend them highly enough for the purpose of disturbing young minds. Mwa-ha-ha-ha…

In other news today, Harold Macmillan, that politics bloke from the olden days, died today. He was very old. Here’s today’s news report which contains some scenes in black & white…

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