Dec 282011

28th December 1986

Granny and Grandad went home at about 11.00am!!!!! 2.20pm: Went round to Paul’s!! He has got some games for his computer which he got for Christmas!!!! 8.30pm: Went round to Matt’s and saw “Tootsie” and “Clive James on Television!!!!”

That post Christmas lull when the visiting family members have left and its a chance for the body and mind to detox a bit from all the excessive eating & boozing. At least until New Year’s Eve and then it’s one last “Hurrah” and a hope that we make it through the other side. In the meantime its business as usual playing computer games, watching films & telly.

“Tootsie” is an Oscar winning 1982 comedy staring Dustin Hoffman as an out of work actor who auditions for a soap opera dressed as a woman and wins the role. Much hilarity ensues. It remains one of the highest grossing comedy films ever which just goes to show that people will always get a laugh from seeing a bloke in a dress…

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