Dec 272011

27th December 1986

Went into Tandy today with Olly!!! Grandad gave us £10 to buy a joystck for the computer!!! After buying the joystick we bought a game!.. “Frank Bruno’s Boxing” which is very good!!! Granny and Grandad are going tomorrow!!!!

Tandy was a UK wide electronics shop and I have purchased all sorts of plugs & cables and bits & bobs from them over the years. They were bought by The Carphone Warehone in 1999 which is why you don’t see them anymore. I bet you didn’t know that.

Frank Bruno’s Boxing was one of those computer games I spent many hours playing. However, of the 8 pixelated fighters I could only ever beat the first 7. The last chap, called “Peter Perfect” was just impossible. As you can see from this footage of the game, he looks like a right smug bastard…

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