Dec 262011

26th December 1986

10.30am: Got up, went down stairs and went on the computer!!! While I was on it dad said I had to give Topsy a walk!!!!!! After the walk I went back on the computer with Matt!!! 1.30pm: had lunch!!! 2.00pm: Went to the “Hippodrome” to see “Cinderella”!!! It was supposed to be a surprise for Granny & Grandad so we said we were going to visit our schools!!! When we got back I went on the computer again!!! 8.30pm: Saw “Bergerac” then went on the computer!!!!

So it’s not just now that I spend pretty much every waking hour on the frakin’ computer!

As the jolly to the Bristol Hippodrome for the Panto was a surprise for the Crumblies we didn’t actully tell them about until we got there. It was then that Gran announced she hadn’t brought her glasses with her so had to watch the whole show half blind.

I don’t remeber this version of Cinderella but I bet it wasn’t as good as the one our drama class did on 17th Dec. I bet their Ugly Sisters weren’t as good either…

Ahh, Bergerac – John Nettles’ finest hour…

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