Dec 252011

25th December 1986

Got up at 7.15am and went into Olly’s room with my stocking!!!! I got loads of ace things like a “Rubik’s Magic” and after shave!!! We started mucking about with the Rubik’s Magic staight away and Olly broke his!!!! After breakfast we all gave out the “big” Christmas presents!!!! The best one me and Olly got was from Mum & Dad!! We got a “CPC6128 Amstrad Computer” with a couple of games!!! As soon as we opened it we went on it!!!! 6.30pm: Saw the “James Bond” film!!! 10.00pm: Played “Baby Boomer” Trivial Pursuit!!!!

Looks like I’ve managed to stay on the “nice list” for the best part of the year. Phew!

So, yeah! I thought Rubik’s Magic was, well, magic. Like the Rubik’s Cube, its a mechanical puzzle invented by the Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Ernő Rubik. It consisted of 8 square tiles arranged in a 2 × 4 rectangle; diagonal grooves on the tiles hold wires that connect them, allowing them to be folded onto each other and unfolded again in two perpendicular directions. The front side of the puzzle shows, in the initial state, three separate, rainbow-coloured rings; the back side consists of a scrambled picture of three interconnected rings. The goal of the game is to fold the puzzle into a heart-like shape and unscramble the picture on the back side, thus interconnecting the rings. Hours of fun…

Its thanks to Olly breaking his one pretty much as soon as he took it out of the box that I became the school’s honorary “Rubik’s Magic” repairman. I took all the loose tiles and the random bits of wire that had held them together and through sheer determination, not wanting to ruin Olly’s Christmas, geek logic and some occasional flashes of pure self diagnosed genius I fixed the darn thing. Word soon got around school that I was “The Magic Mr Fix It” so I set up a small cottage industry and would re-string broken ones for crisps & chocolate. Sad but true.

Ahh, the Amstrad CPC6128. Our next computer to replace the beloved broken ZX Spectrum 48K. Although it was far more powerful than the Spectrum it never really had the magic of the rubbery keyed lovely piece of plastic future. Progress & growing up eh?

And of course you can’t have a proper Christmas without a Bond movie and a round of Triv…

Merry Christmas everyone!!! May all your wishes come true. Especially the filthy ones!

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