Dec 242011

24th December 1986

Got up at about 11.00am and got my Grandad a “daily mail”!! Today went by really quickly and at about 2.30pm we had lunch!! (we missed the “Wizard of Oz”!!!!!) After lunch me, Olly, Granny and Grandad all played cards!!! 7.30pm: Mum and Dad went out somewhere for drinks while the rest of us watched telly!!! 10.30pm: Mum & Dad arrived back home and at 11.00pm we had a bottle of Champagne and watched “Fresh fields“!!! I wonder what Santa will bring me!!

It’s Christmas Eve! Woo Hoo! I think last night’s Xmas work do must have been a good one as an 11am start is quite unusual without a skinful. Either that or I just couldn’t face getting out of bed knowing my first task of the day was to go out and buy a copy of the Daily Mail. Oh, the shame…

Damn! Missed the “Wizard of Oz”. Not to worry, it’ll be on again next year. And the following year. And the year after that. In fact I’m pretty sure the only Christmas it won’t be on is the one just after the Earth has been swallowed up by Sun when it becomes a Red Giant.

The rest of the day just chillin’ with the Crumblies & watching telly. Only late in the evening does it get all rock ‘n’ roll again with a bottle of fizz & and an episode of “Fresh Fields”. In fact that’s the only way one can watch “Fresh Fields” without feeling the need to stab someone. But you can’t just go around stabbing people on Christmas Eve, its not very festive. Unless you’re stabbing them with a mince pie.

If you find tomorrow morning that your Christmas stocking is empty and Santa hasn’t actually paid a visit, it might not be because you’re on the naughty list. There may well be another explanation…

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