Dec 232011

23rd December 1986

Got up at something like 10.30am and went downstairs!!! As Olly is not allowed out I had to go down to the shops for him to get the cats some liver and the dog a marrowbone!!! They didn’t have any marrowbone!!!! 2.00pm: Granny & Grandad (Dad’s parents) arrived!!! We usually have Christmas at their house but this year’s different!!! 7.30pm: The people from dad’s surgery came round and we had a massive supper!!! After supper we exchanged presents!!!

A riveting morning there comprising of offal purchase success and medulla ossium purchase failure. Swings & roundabouts I suppose. I don’t know why Olly couldn’t have done the cats & dog’s Christmas dinner shopping. You don’t need tonsils to buy from the butchers. You just point at stuff and make grunting sounds.

Nice to have Gran & Grandad over to ours for Christmas. Saves schlepping all the way over to Saffron Walden to see them this year. There’s 4 of us and only 2 of them. Plus we’d have the dog, and we’d need to sort out the cats too. A logistical nightmare.

So, Dad’s Xmas work do is round ours too. I don’t remember any of it which probably means it was a pretty good session. Good job we had the grandparents around to help with the clearing up!

If we hadn’t been socialising and getting all festive ‘n’ all that we would have probably just stayed in and watched telly. An evening with Clint Eastwood and George & Mildred anyone? What a gift…

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