Dec 222011

22nd December 1986

I am really sorry dear reader but I forgot to write yesterday that I got my report!!! I got 6Bs, 4Cs and only 1D!!! I am dead pleased with it but mum & dad aren’t!!! 12.00pm: Went to “Clifton Down Shopping Centre” with Matt to but some last minute “Christmas presents”!!! We had lunch there and I had a Chicken salad roll!!! We also bought some party poppers and silly string for the new years eve party! We walked home and it was freezing!! Gran & Grandad are coming tomorrow!!

I’m really sorry dear reader for informing you of my school report. BOOOOORRRRIIIIIINNNNNGGGG!!!

I think the reason I’m pleased with the results & mum & dad aren’t has something to do with the fact that I didn’t pay for the school fees. Yeah, that would be it…

More Christmas shopping? I thought I’d finished the lot off yesterday with my jolly to the newsagent. So it’ll be more than just pouches of Old Holborn & copies of the Christmas & New Year Radio Times for everybody then! If I’m still stuck I could always give away some of the party poppers & silly string and get some more later.

Only 3 sleeps til Christmas!!¬†Hmmm, let’s see what happens when birthday boy Jesus turns up to a Christmas party being held by his disciples…

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