Dec 202011

20th December 1986

2.30pm: Went to see “Jack and the Beanstalk!!!” It’s the same lot that did “Aladin” on Jan 6th!!! 7:15pm: Andrew Wisheart’s mum took us to where the party was being held!! (At Clifton RFC!!) We played a brill game!! You’re all in a circle, then a girl spins a bottle and if it points to a boy she has to kiss him!! Then he spins it and so on!!! I got gotted a few times!!! If only Kristin was there!!!

Sod “Jack & the Frakin’ Beanstalk” it’s Hannah Penry’s Xmas Partaaaayyy!!! Woo hoo!! A party at a rugby club with plenty of booze & plenty of bottles. Marvellous.

So yeah, Spin the Bottle. A great chance to swap cold sores, get glandular fever and take home a trophy hickie. The best party game ever invented that doesn’t involve car keys and a lucky dip.

If you need a reminder of the rules kids just watch this vid. And don’t forget to brush your teeth first…

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