Dec 192011

19th December 1986

Got a few more cards today and I have a total of 57!!! Not one of them from Kristin though!!! She hasn’t even thanked me for the card I gave her!!! As usual we had a final “Assembly” in which I didn’t get any cups in!!! After that I had a few “Christmas Kisses” under the mistletoe from a few girls!!! (There’s a first time for everything!!!!!) 12.00pm: Went round to Paul’s!!! We have done our own radio show called “Radio Veg”!!! (A copy of “Radio Active“!!) Staying the night at Paul’s tonight!

Alright grumpy chops, no need to get in such a tizz. Kristin will thank you for the card. In 25 years. You’ll just have to be patient!!  (Thanks Kris! x ;))

So, yeah, last day of term. In final assembly I’m actually quite surprised I didn’t win a cup for the most number of Christmas cards sent & received by 1 person. The 57 received compared with the 150 sent makes a final ROI of 38%. Not bad. I’ll make sure next year I send a card to everyone in the whole school and the following year to all the residents in Bristol…

I briefly mentioned on 22nd June about a time when me & Paul made a radio show. Well lo & behold its here & now! Amazing what you can do with 2 ghetto blasters, cassette tape hi-speed dubbing and some talent. Well we had the lot, apart from the last bit.

Plenty of mistletoe action by the looks of things which always makes for a Happy Friday, although my remark about there being a first time for everything suggest I’d forgotten about the spit-swap bonanza that took place on 8th Dec.

For a “How to” guide on getting the most out of your mistletoe just watch this & learn kids. Oh, and apparently it kills cancer cells too. Quite amazing stuff…

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