Dec 172011

17th December 1986

What a birthday treat…. The play!!! When everybody had got changed and ready we got on the stage!!! Someone said that “5.2” were going to watch it!!! Then the curtains opened and it started!!! I felt a right dick ‘cos Kristin was watching from the front row!!!! After our play it was the other group’s play which I don’t think was as good!!!! I have lost count on how many cards I’ve got!!!! Got a “C” for French and a “B” for Maths!!!!

Hooray! The school Christmas play/panto/credibility destroyer…

Hmmm, yeah. Dressing up in full drag using one of mother’s mini-skirts and fish net stockings along with a blue wig and a pair of fake rubber tits is not rule number one on how to impress the ladies. And I’ve just this second had a flashback from my performance where I had the mini-skirt ripped off a-la “Bucks Fizz/Making Your Mind Up” to reveal a fetching pair of tight red polyester shorts.

Any credibility on my part, which before was quite happy just milling about the zero mark, has just fallen over and smashed through the floor of integrity into the cellar of chagrin. At least I’ve got so many Christmas cards now I can set up my own paper recycling centre. 🙂

To get in the mindset of my role as “main ugly sister” for the aforementioned flashback, just picture my face if you will, on the body of Cheryl Baker in this clip around the 1:37 mark. Watch, repeat, then seek medical advice…

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