Dec 162011

16th December 1986

I am 14 years old!!! I don’t feel any different at all except that I got the bumps when I got to school!!! It was brilliant at games because we had a “Cross country run!!!!” I came 17th out of about 120!!! (By the way I got 4 “Christmas cards” and 1 birthday card (from Andy Wisheart)!!!) 3.30pm: Went to the surgery with AW!!! Then came home!!! Matt was there!! Then Paul came along!!! We got a video and some fish and chips!!! The video was called “Fright Night!!” Doing the “Cinderella” play tomorrow!!

Happy 14th Birthday to me! I don’t feel a day over 39. 😉

An all round fab day by the looks of things. A half decent finish for the cross country run, a load more Chistmas cards (still a tad annoyed about my results going askew due to yesterday’s injection of ambiguous information), a load of mates coming round help me pig out on fish ‘n’ chips and a classic horror movie. The only thing missing were several crates of cask strength single malt and a bunch of filthy strippers.

“Fright Night” was great fun. You know they’ve only gone and remade it for 2011. Here’s the trailer for the original 1985 version…

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