Dec 142011

 14th December 1986

Played Clevedon this morning and we lost 16-12!!! I played the whole match!!!! Olly was back at home when I got back from crusaders!!! He can’t speak very well!!!! (At least he can’t shout at me now!!!!) Finished off the “board game” for English at *
* 9.30pm!!!! It took ages!!!!

Welcome home Olly!

So, I played a whole rugby match and our team lost. Hmmm, 2 + 2 = Erm?

I expect the reason my board game took so long to make was because I was attempting to hand carve the playing surface, pieces and instructions into finest ebony. If a job’s worth doing…

And with some Pop News I can inform you that The Housemartins reached number 1 today with “Caravan of Love”. Take it away boys…

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