Dec 132011

13th December 1986

Got 5 cards today!!! 2.00pm: Myers, a crusader leader picked me up and took me to John’s house!!! (Another Cru leader!!!) When everyone else came along at 6.00pm we had Turkey to eat and lots of other things!!

5 cards today and the one from yesterday make a total of 36 thus increasing my current ROI of 24%. Still time to push things to the 30%-40% mark but I fear there’s been a bit of a slowdown. Who knows what next week may bring?

So, it took near on 4 hours to put a bit of tinsel up, peal some spuds & stick a turkey in the oven? Huh? You know, rather than attending the riveting Crusader Christmas party I think I would have much preferred seeing The Bangles who just happened to be playing at Syria Mosque Arena, Pittsburgh, PA in the good ol’ US of A today…

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