Dec 122011

12th December 1986

Only got 1 card today and you know that it wasn’t from “Miss You know who, darling, any time baby, Universe” don’t you!!!!!? We had a “dress rehersal” of our Cinderella play in lunch time today!!! It was chaos and I look even worse with the “Blue wig” which I’ve got to wear on!!!! My final piano lesson went well!!!! I am going to learn “Für Elise!!!” After that I went to see Olly with dad!!! He looks really ill!!! 8.30pm: Mum & Dad took me for a meal for my birthday treat!!!! I had prawn cocktail and a Steak!!!!!

I don’t recall expecting a card today from Kylie. 😉

A chaotic dress rehearsal of the Christmas play eh? Emphasis on the “dress” me thinks, or rather “mini-skirt”. I’m sooo glad there is no photographic evidence of this. Not that I’m aware of any. If there is, it must be destroyed.

I do hope I removed the blue wig for my final ever piano lesson. That would have certainly left a lasting impression with Mrs Barrett.

It’s a shame Olly couldn’t join me for my birthday (not for another 4 days) treat but I think the saltychips and French mustard accompanying his steak would have smarted a tad on the raw mass of shredded flesh that was his throat.

If you can’t rightly remember how “Für Elise” sounds then this incredible Beatbox version should help remind you…

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