Dec 112011

11th December 1986

4 more cards given to yours truly so now I have got 30!!!! It was pretty good at swimming and we haven’t got any next week!!!! (Swimming that is!!!) As soon as I got home I started doing my homework!!! 6.00pm: (After R.S.!!) Had to make a “board game” for English which took about 2 hours!!! While I was doing my homework Mum & Dad took Olly to the hospital!!! 8.30pm: Did a load of piano practice!!! Tomorrow is my last piano lesson ever!!! Mum has given me a box of chocolates to give to Mrs B!!!

30 Christmas cards back now. Thats a 20% ROI so far. Getting better…

Making a board game for English is a bit like the homework equivalent then of being made to design an iPhone App today. I don’t remember anything about it apart from the fact that it wasn’t picked up by MB Games or Hasbro and therefore not sold all over the world and making me an absolute mint. Never mind.

Although it must have been pretty bad, I can’t imagine it could have been worse than this board game from the 1980’s called Dr Tangle. One child ties up all the rest and they are ordered by the Evil Doctor to touch various body parts. Very suspect. Who thinks up this stuff?…

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