Dec 102011

10th December 1986

Got 3 more cards today!!! None of them came from Kristin!!! (I don’t think she was in today so I couldn’t have got one anyway!!!!) Even though it is my bithrday on Tuesday and even though Christmas is near, I am in a state of depression!! Here are some reasons: 1. Kristin, 2. School, 3. Homework and 4. I can’t seem to get any time to buy Christmas presents for people!!!! (By the way, I have bought 2 “Anti-mist cloths” and 1 box of “Dairy Box!!” as Christmas presents so far!!! Tomorrow Olly is going *
* to hospital to have his tonsils out!!!!! (A few days of peace!!!)

Nothing like a good ol’ mope to bring the mood down. Thanks very much me. 🙂

I don’t know why I’m moaning about the lack of Christmas shopping opportunities. I did a load back in the middle of August and some more at the beginning of September. I should really be shopping for next years pressies.

I’m sure I can get though this otherwise miserable day knowing the joy I’ll put on someone’s face as they open up their Christmas present from me to find an Anti-Mist Cloth. Apparently it’s the thought that counts. Whoever that lucky person is/was I’d bet my bollocks they would prefer a box of Dairy Box…

Good luck with the operation Olly…

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