Dec 092011

9th December 1986

I got yet another load of cards given to me today… 8 more!!! Now I have got a total of 23!!! It’s a shame but I haven’t had one from Kristin!!! I wonder if she will give me a card and if she does will it have anything in it about how nice and lovely I am!!! Charlie James brought in the photos which he took on October 7th!!!! He’s got one of me with my middle fingers in the air!!!! Would you believe it, I have been invited to a party on the 20th December!!! It’s Hannah Penry’s party!!!!

Blimey, this Christmas card malarkey is turning into a bit of an obsession. That’s not like me at all. 🙂 After sending out around 150 cards in the past week (29 on Dec 3rd & the rest yesterday) and at present receiving 23 back, it works out so far to be about a 15% return on the initial investment.  I don’t know if that’s good, bad or just a bit sad that I bothered to work it out. Yeah, the last bit.

I’m in no way a behavioural scientist but as far as a social experiment is concerned I think it’s uncannily similar to the psychology behind Facebook friending and Twitter following. If I’d perhaps incorporated the concept in an interactive user friendly environment using comprehensive html & php algorithms instead of tangible physical media I might not actually need an overdraft facility right now.

I’d like to see the picture Charlie James took of me in October with my middle fingers in the air. It wasn’t me being rude, it was actually just a “before” shot of my attempt to impale some pigeons.

Looking forward to Hannah Penry’s party on the 20th (Thanks Hannah!). A chance to drink loads of booze & maybe catch another cold sore…

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