Dec 082011

8th December 1986

Sent the cards to everyone this morning and then did my “Physics” homework!!! On the way to “Art” someone said to me… “Thanks for the card Toppy!!!” During break time and lunch time loads of people kept saying “Thanks for the card!!” At least 50 people said it!!!!!! (Except Kristin!!!) By the way I have had an extra 5 cards given to me!!! During the lunch hour 3 girls, Rachel Whitford, Joanne Herniman and Caroline Lewis went round with “Mistletoe” and they got me!!! (Nothing serious!)

Not a bad Monday as things stand.

All the Xmas cards sent out and a load of “Thank you’s” in return. It’s a 1986 Christmas equivalent of opening a new Twitter account,  following loads of people in one go, spamming them with festive message on how to make money online, and hoping the majority will follow back.

Ah! Mistletoe. My favourite of all the orders of obligate hemi-parasitic vegetation. Without it I may never have acquired my first ever cold sore. A big thank you to Rachel, Joanne & Caroline for making a Monday so great! Very much like waiting for a bus. Nothing for ages & then 3 come along at once. Marvellous! Just to be clear I am in no way comparing any of the girls with forms of public transport…

The History of Mistletoe. Interesting stuff. OK, who wants a snog?

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