Dec 022011

2nd December 1986

Didn’t find any circuits boards on the way to school this morning!! Had our Chemistry grades today and guess what I got…. Yes, yet another “B”!!!! It was good in games today!! Speake’s played another team and we won 38-10 and what makes it more amazing is that I scored a try!!! I was having a bath when mum and dad went to “Spanish lessons” and the phone rang!!! Olly was at James’s so I had to answer it with nothing on!!! I got the floor wet!!!!

My sincere apologies to anyone reading that who just conjured up a mental image of me, completely starkers, soaking wet and on the phone. My sincere apologies to anyone who hadn’t actually conjured up the aforementioned image but has since gone into image conjure overload after being prompted by the previous sentence. Just try and think of nice things like puppies and ice cream and eventually the horrid dripping phone man will go away…

More rugby &  more grades too blah, blah, blah… I wonder if it was the Russian Spy from yesterday on the other end of the phone…

Anyway, to get the pictures of my nakedity out of your heads, here’s a fully clothed Phillip Schofield doing Children’s BBC link sometime this afternoon with the help of a trombone.

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