Dec 012011

1st December 1986

You wouldn’t believe it but on the way to school today I found a “circuit board” with microchips and diodes on it!!!! I wonder if it is worth anything or maybe there’s a secret code in it and I’ll soon have a Russian spy after me!!!! Had our Physics grades back today and yet again I got another “B”!!!! For English homework we had to write an essay on a book and it took me 1½ hours!!!! It is “Harry” and “Henry’s” birthday today! (The 2 cats!!) They’re seven years old!!!

Happy Birthday cats! If you were still alive today you’d be 32 now! But you’re not so you aren’t.

The strange thing about the circuit board is not so much that I found it but more that I decided to keep it. I think it was just a piece of broken computer that hadn’t been disposed of properly but in my mind at the time it was a missing piece of military hardware that contained Top Secret Soviet messages and I was soon to be caught up in an episode of Spooks. I imagine the only value it held would have been the miniscule amount of recyclable metals contained within it.

Anywho, at number 1 in the charts today (well yesterday actually but you got the Jaws 2 trailer instead) was “Europe” with “The Final Countdown”. Quite apt really as 1st December is the “countdown” to Christmas, you know, what with advent calendars and all that. 🙂

I must warn you that this video contains a massive amount of big hair. I’ve never seen so much hair on a stage in one go.  Quite dangerous too with all those naked flames being held aloft by the crowd. And they all look like a bunch of girls… LET’S ROCK! \m/ Perhaps not.

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