Nov 302011

30th November 1986

Played “Cheddar” away at Rugby today!!!!! I played for a whole game and eventually we lost 16-14!!!! I played quite well I think!!!! 6.30pm: Went to Laura’s “house warming” party ‘cos she’s just bought a new house with “Derek!!!” (Her hubby!!!) 8.15pm: Saw “Jaws 2!!”

Blimey I finally got to play for the rugby team today. That could explain why we still lost.

I wonder if Laura & Derek have finally paid off their mortgage after 25 years. Did you know the average house price for the 4th quarter of 1986 was £39,593. Are there still people around called Derek? Not including Derek Acorah.

Jaws 2 was the second instalment of the killer shark franchise. It was ok but actually quite rubbish. Not nearly as rubbish as Jaws 3 but considered a veritable masterpiece when compared with Jaws 4 – The Revenge. It’s probably best if you watch the original classic (like I did on 14th April) and not bother with the rest.

Here’s the trailer for Jaws 2, which makes it look quite good. But it isn’t…

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