Nov 292011

29th November 1986

Got a “C” for Public Affairs!!! (History grades another time!!!!) After school I helped dad at the surgery in the garden!!! We chopped some branches of some trees and I earned a quid!!!! 4.30pm: Went round to Matt’s and saw “Desperately seeking Susan!!!” I am staying the night at his house!!!!!

More grades. Yawn! I’d much rather be chopping down trees. For a quid. Hooray!

The main reason at the time for seeing “Desperately Seeking Susan” was to dribble over the bits where Madonna lounges around a king size bed in a tight white t-shirt, stocking & suspenders. As it happens it’s the only reason I would see it again today.

The music video for Madonna’s “Into the Groove” from her 1985 “Like A Virgin” album consists of clips from Desperately Seeking Susan. Although the song itself doesn’t appear on the official soundtrack, it does appear in the movie albeit only the demo version. A demo version of the song that is and not a demo of the movie. That would be silly.

Here it is. It got to number on 28th July in 1985 don’tcha know…

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