Nov 282011

28th November 1986

I was annoying Andrew again today!!!! I kept saying “Just another manic D-grade, wish it was an A-grade!!!” to the Bangles tune!!!! He chased me up to the “RS” room where he nearly killed me!!! We had our “RS” grades given back and as usual I got a “B”, Andrew got “C” and Paul got a “D!!” (Paul’s still a square ‘cos he got an “A” in English!!!!) At lunch time me and Andrew called a truce!!!! We might have our History and Public Affairs grades tomorrow!!!! 8.30pm: Saw a brilliant video called “Cat People“!!!!!!!

I do seem to relish annoying Andrew today, and I appear to be very pleased with the methodology too. Today its change the song lyric from a contemporary all girl pop beat combo and insert desired irritation where applicable. Simple but effective.

Yet more grades that probably haven’t helped or hindered anyone who received them but them’s the rule that’s what the school fees are paying for.

Cat People was a film from 1982 and dubbed “An Erotic Thriller” so naturally it appealed to a 13 year old boy. Based loosely on the 1942 original it starred Nastassja Kinski & Malcolm McDowell and was basically about a bunch of people who turn into leopards after having a shag. Giorgio Moroder composed the film’s score, including the theme song which features lyrics and vocals by David Bowie.

It was alright I suppose. Here’s the trailer innit…

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