Nov 272011

27th November 1986

We got our biology grades today!!!! Super dude me got a “B” and Andrew Wisheart got a “D!!!!!” I was really making fun of him!!! I kept saying “What is Wisheart’s favourite day?……D-day!!!!!” I also asked him if he wanted a nice cup of “Brook Bond D!!!!!” It was getting him really mad!!!! Paul’s mum was going to pick us up and take us to swimming!!!! Where we were waiting for Paul’s mum so was Kristin!!!! I didn’t talk to her because I didn’t want to embarrass her or myself in any way!!!!! If only Kristin knew how much I care!!!!

That last word should have a “d” at the end. Write it out again 100 times Toplis until you get it right!

Looks like I’ve got a serious bout of gooey-eyed gibberation here. Might be an idea if I just call it quits, become a monk &  joint monastery. Or become a DJ & play techno to thousands of people around the world. Yeah, the second one sounds like more fun.

You can see my gittishness has returned with a vengeance with my piss take of Andrew’s biology grade. He eventually qualified as a medic so I can only assume his aptitude in the subject improved considerably. I don’t know why we’re getting graded on our subjects at this time of year anyway. Probably a scientifically engineered ploy by the school to ensure that pupils with better grades humiliate their poorer performing classmates into doing better next time. Seems to have worked in this case.

Ooh, I could murder a nice cup of tea…

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