Nov 262011

26th November 1986

I am the main ugly sister for the “Cinderella” play!!!! Olly was doing the job today so I wouldn’t have been able to see Laura to pick up the ultra cheap cards!! (For £5.48) Luckily I got a lift from mum there and back so I could pick up the cards when mum dropped Olly off!!!!! When I got home I wrote a card to everyone in the class!!! It took me an hour!!!! 7.30pm: Mum gave me loads of mini-skirts and stockings for the play!!!! When I put them on I felt like a full time “Transvestite!!!!” Got our grades for CDT today!!! I got a “B!!!!!”

OK, so as far as today is concerned there is something here that undoubtedly eclipses the start of my Xmas cards social experiment and the ok “B” grade for CDT. What could that be I wonder? Oh yeah, trying on mother’s miniskirts (they were suede from the 1960’s) and stockings (fishnets) & feeling like a “full time” transvestite! As opposed to a part time one that only drags up at evenings & weekends?

It was all part of the method acting process where I was immersing myself into the “role” of the main ugly sister. Yeah that was it.

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it though. I highly recommend it. I once went to a fancy dress party as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Very liberating and believe me when I say girls love a guy in eye liner. I looked well lush. Having my hair in bunches was just a bonus. 😉

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