Nov 252011

25th November 1986

Another verse for my poem!!!!!!!
          I had a dream and you were there,
          You said to me that you did care.
          Although I know this isn’t true,
          It doesn’t stop me liking you!!!!!
Brilliant!!! Really ace!!! I think I’ll become a poet when I grow up!!! Kristin wasn’t in school today!!! (Really boring!! Yuk!! Boo!! Hiss!!) Maybe she’d got a cold and I’m the only one who can make her better!!!! (You can guess how I’ll do that can’t you!!!) I scored a try in games today!!!

Cloud fucking cuckoo land!

I swear I’m getting more mental by the minute. You’d have thought I’d have a veritable plethora of Ivor Novellos adorning my mantelpiece with such a high calibre of verse oozing from my soul. Alas, it is not the case. I have no mantelpiece. OK, so again at least it rhymes but I wasn’t so much destined to become a poet but rather a right cynical old bastard.

And how would I have cured Kristin’s cold, if that was indeed the reason for non-attendance? Well of course I would have popped round with some Sudafed. That would be the gentlemanly thing to do.

Other brands of cold & flu remedy are available. Be sure to read the label first.

Hey, I scored a try in rugby. Result!

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