Nov 242011

24th November 1986

I think I’m a “Masochist!!!!” Every now and again I keep smashing my face with my fist and I don’t really mind!!!! Maybe it’s because I hate myself and I’ve got nothing better to do!!!!!! It is “Yours truly”, “the amazing” Matt Toplis‘s birthday on the 16th December!!!! Mum says she is going to buy me a new watch!!! I think 16th December is far too near Christmas!!!! I wish I could change it or have 2 birthdays like the Queen then I’d different!!!!!! 8.30pm: Went round to Matt’s!! He’s got loads of booze for New years eve!!!!

I know it’s a Monday by cheer up you miserable sod, you’re getting a new watch for your birthday. At least I’ve learnt a new word today and it certainly goes some way to explain those “alternative” nights clubs I used to DJ at in the mid 90’s…

It’s not so much that my birthday is too close to Christmas, it’s more that Christmas is too close to my birthday. And its not as though¬† mother could have held on for a few more months so I could pop out in the spring. I was a week ahead of schedule anyway and not due until the 22nd which would have been even worse.

And having 2 birthdays a year would mean I would be almost pushing 80 by now so thank you but no.

Just so you know that now you’ve all been given the heads-up about 16th Dec anything other than cash or booze will go straight in the bin.

This clip is from today’s Brookside FYI. It’s all I could find. Sorry…

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