Nov 232011

23rd November 1986

There was no rugby today as the pitches were water logged!!!!! Crusaders has a magazine called “WOT!!!” (Westbury on Trym!!!!) I have done 2 recipes for the Christmas edition!!! 1 is for some biscuits and the other is a fuit punch!!!!! 10:30pm: Went to bed!!!!!!!

Everybody knows by now that even if the rugby pitches hadn’t been water logged I probably wouldn’t have got to play anyway so thankfully the torrential rain has in fact saved what would have been an otherwise wasted journey. I imagine the news undoubtedly came too late to avoid buggering up a nice Sunday lie-in though.

Biscuits & fruit punch recipes for a Westbury-on-Trym based Christian magazine eh? Surely bread & wine would have been more appropriate? Ba-dum-dum-cha! Hmmm, you’ve only got me for a few more weeks… 🙂

Here’s a recipe for fruit punch. It’s like proper punch but without any booze. In other words a complete waste of time…

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