Nov 202011

20th November 1986

I might not be the “Fairy God Mother” in the Christmas play!! They might put me as one of the “ugly sisters!!!” Dad says that I should get angry and demand the part of the “Fairy God Mother!!!” On the way to the bus stop (for swimming) me and Paul passed Kristin!!! I said “Hi, Mister Boring here!!!!” She laughed a playful laugh as we passed her!!!! If Kristin hated me she would have probably gone “Up yours Boring Breath!!!” instead of laughing!!!!! 9.45pm: A wicked “Thunder Storm” came along so I couldn’t concentrate on writing my diary!!!

I can’t see any evidence of Thunder Storm related lack of concentration in the writing of this diary entry. It’s just as badly written with an excessive use of inverted commas and exclamation marks as many of the fine weather entries.

I dunno about you but I’m getting pretty bored of this whole “boring” issue. Someone who is torn between playing the Fairy Godmother and one of the Ugly Sisters in the school Christmas panto certainly isn’t dull in my book.

The Fairy Godmother would actually be a fairly one dimensional role really where the laugh is basically having a chap in a dress waving a magic wand. Whereas the role of an Ugly Sister would have far more scope as it is essentially one half of a double act. There lies potential for slapstick along with basically having not 1, but 2 chaps in dresses. Comedy gold.

Top of the Pops again now (it’s a Thursday of course) and here’s Janice Long and the dearly missed John Peel presenting the rundown from 40 to 11…

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