Nov 192011

19th November 1986

In drama we are split up in 2 groups!!! We are both going to be doing a “Christmas Play!!” We are both going to be doing “Cinderella!!” I think I’m going to be the “Fairy God Mother!!!!!!” We will show our play to the other group and vice versa!! Dad said to me that Topsy came out of Olly’s bedroom with a “Durex” in her mouth!!! Dad thought it was funny but I don’t think muver liked it!!!! Dad told Olly not to leave such things lying around!!!!! 10.00pm: Did a load of exersise while listening to my Beatles tape!!!!!! They live on!!!

OK, so, yeah, the “Christmas Play”. It’s more “Panto” really. I’m pretty sure I don’t end up being the Fairy Godmother but the role I do get isn’t far off. We’ll have to wait & see. Give me a chance to dress up as fairy for the entertainment of others and I’ll usually grab it by the balls!

I do hope Olly wasn’t wearing the condom in his room before Topsy came out with it in her mouth. I know it’s quite common to be experimental as a teenager but I probably wouldn’t go that far myself. Probably.

I can’t imagine doing an exersise routine to the Beatles. It’s impossible to break a sweat to “Hey Jude” or “The Long & Winding Road”. Before my days of bangin’ techno though innit? When I said “They live on”, there were only 3 of them left. Now of course there are only 2. Tomorrow? Who knows?

This is the Beatles’ “Hey Jude”. Could you pump iron to this?

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