Nov 162011

16th November 1986

As usual I didn’t play for Clifton today!!! If I don’t play next week I won’t be continuing!!!! While waiting for mum to pick us up I saw Kristin’s car come by!! (She wasn’t in it but her mum was!!) Richard Goodall (remember him?!!) who also plays for Clifton got in the car and drove away!!! I don’t know how R.G. knows the Perriams!!!

Erm, friends of the family maybe? Riddle solved. Just one of many reasons why the prospect of me becoming a private investigator was never on the cards.

I’m sure last week I said I wouldn’t be coming to the rugby club again if I didn’t get to play (9th Nov). Lo and behold I didn’t get to play again this week and no doubt next week I’ll be telling myself I won’t bother going the following week if I don’t get to play again. Or something like that.

“The Police” were at number 1 in the album charts at this very moment with “Every Breath You Take – The Singles”. Here’s the splendid opening track “Roxanne”. This was of course before Sting became well known for being a bit of a tit.

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