Nov 142011

14th November 1986

I had loads of homework to catch up with this morning!!! I had Chemistry, RS and French to catch with and of course ultra amazing Matt (Me!!!!) finished them all in time!!!! As usual my piano lesson went well and as Mrs Barrett is moving to Spain soon she was having a book sale!!! I bought one about “Chemistry!!!” (As Mrs B is moving to Spain I will stop having lessons in a few weeks!!!!) Christian came round to stay the night!! We saw “Porky’s Revenge” and “Teen Wolf” on video!!!!

I seem to be in jolly mood today. Can’t think why?

Although I managed to get all my homework done (well I say “my” homework, but I don’t remember who’s it was to start with) there’s no guarantee it will be any good. As long as I can scrape by unnoticed…

If I had one regret (One? Blummy, that would be nice) it would be the not carrying on with piano lessons. Just as I seem to be convincing myself that I’m getting quite good I go and knock it on the head. Who knows, if I’d carried on I might even be up to Grade 4 by now!

Can’t believe I put myself through “Teen Wolf” again (15th Feb). And “Porky’s Revenge” was truly horrendous. Check out the trailer if you must but please bear in mind that it is 70 seconds of your life you will never get back…

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