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7th November 1986

Again today I thought that my piano lesson was going to be shambles but yet again I am pleased to say that it went mega smoothly!!! After I did a load of pointless homework I went to an “Interview” which was really ace!!!! We had some indoor fireworks and afterwards had a load of grub!!!! I had load of extra grub so I can stock up for a “sponsored starve” for 24 hours!!! (The “sponsored starve” is instead of the “sponsored survival” which I was going to do!!!) 9.00pm: Started the “SS!!”

Well, get me & my incredible musical fingers.

Just a reminder that the “Interview” was the name of a Crusader meeting and the reason I thought it was really ace was because I didn’t know any better. Lighting indoor fireworks and stuffing yourself with loads of grub is a bit like the story of Jesus isn’t it?

A “sponsored starve” is a very similar to a “sponsored survival” in the way that if you’re still alive by the end then it’s a bonus. And so you know at 9.00pm when I started the “SS!!” I am of course referring to the “sponsored starve” and in no way implying that I founded the Gestapo 52 years after it’s actual inception.

Today also marked the end of an era. The broadcast of the final ever episode of “Cheggers Plays Pop“.

With opening credits likely to induce an epileptic fit, “Cheggers Plays Pop” featured 2 teams of school kids high on food colouring and sugar, pratting about in a BBC studio only to be interupted every now and again by a contemporary pop act. It was hosted by Keith “Cheggers” Chegwin who was usually more hyper than the hoard of children he was in charge of. It’s no wonder he was partial to a nerve-calming swift half after work.

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  1. Ah Cheggers. Why he called his book ‘Shaken, but not stirred’ rather than ‘Cheggers can’t be boozers’ I will never know. A lost opportunity…

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