Nov 062011

6th November 1986

Mum has given me loads of cash and I have bought a special pen and a thing called a “portfolio” for craft!!!!! Before we went to go swimming me and Paul went into a shop called “Athena” which has got posters and everything!!!! After that we kept thinking what would happen if I found a £1000 diamond ring on the ground!!!! I would probably give it to Kristin!!!! I have got a piano lesson tomorrow so I did a load of practise!!!! I haven’t had any lessons for the past 2 weeks ‘cos of half term!!!!!

Soppy git. You can bet your bollocks if I found a £1000 diamond ring on the ground today it would be up on ebay as an unwanted gift before you could say “Aw, bless” with the proceeds helping to pay off the mortgage and a few quid kept back for several jars down at the local.

It’s always nice when your mum gives you loads of cash for no aparent reason other than to buy a special pen and a “portfolio”. The “portfolio” was just a posh folder for keeping hold of massive sheets of paper and was a right pain in the arse to carry around what with it being so big and all that.

You can’t get much more 80’s than Athena. What a fab shop that was. Every girl in the world had a copy of “L’Enfant” on their bedroom wall didn’t they? It’s the picture of the bloke with his top off cradling a baby. I only know this through comprehensive research as my experience of girls’ bedrooms at the time could be described as somewhat negligible.

Anywho, looks like there’s a cracking line up of telly on BBC1 tonight. If you’re into Championship Bowling that is and I am a massive fan. I just can’t get enough of it…

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