Nov 042011

4th November 1986

It was really good in “Chemistry” today!! I found out that “Acetone” was very flammable!!!!!! We played a match in games today!!!! My “House”, Speakes (The most crapped up team out!!) played “Rollings”, one of the best teams out!!! Luckily their good players were ill so we only lost by 6 points!!!!!! I am making a “Guy!!” I have already done the legs and Olly has done the body!!! I will finish it off tomorrow just in time for a “Bonfire” party!!!!!

Hooray for “Acetone”, my most favourite flammable liquid of all time. Second only to cask strength single malt whisky.

I presume the “match” we played today was rugby and not Quidditch, although with the mention of “Speakes House” & “Rollings House” there is a very slight resemblance to Hogwarts. That’s posh schools for you!  To give you an idea of the status of the Houses involved, if “Rollings” were “Gryffindor” then Speakes would most definitely be “Hufflepuff”.

Still making the “Guy”. Well, his legs anyway. It does seem quite a bit of effort considering we’re just gonna torch the poor chap. At least it keeps me off the streets.

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