Oct 312011

31st October 1986

Went to gran’s this morning!!!! Aunty Kathryn was there training a horse so I went over and had a go!!!!! I did quite well and I didn’t fall over!!!! 1.00pm: Mum took us all to “Hamley’s!!!!!” It is really amazing there with lots of toys and everything!!!!!! After that we went home!!! 6.00pm: Rang up Paul to see if he could come round to stay the night!!!! He came round with some masks (Not that he needs any anyway!!!) and we went “Trick or Treating” with Matt!!!!! We got loads of grub and £1.03 each!!!!! Dad said that granny will be busy tonight!!!!!

After my amazing stint of not falling over while training a horse I do believe our jolly to Hamleys involved a trip to London. I have no recollection of what the horse training consised of, but what I can tell you is that it didn’t involve any paperwork or continued assessment.

It’s seems like ages since I’ve had a dig at Paul so the one about him not needing a Halloween mask for tonight’s Trick or Treating couldn’t have come at a better time. 😉 Not as good as the one Dad said about gran though eh? Tee hee.

Trick or Treating is just an excuse for little shits to go out and get free stuff from people they don’t know. Or an opportunity to be abducted and sacrificed to to the great jelly god Haribo. Trick or Treat is also the title of this really rubbish 1986 horror movie about a rock star who comes back from the dead when one of his records is played backwards. Much hilarity ensues. I do remember having the poster on my wall…

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