Oct 302011

30th October 1986

I have started making a “Guy” for bonfire night!!!!! It’s taking me ages to make and is getting very boring!!!!! Did my job early today for a reason I don’t really know of!!!! I had to catch a bus back and ‘cos of all the new routes and things, I didn’t know which one to catch!!! I eventually got home and when I did, watched “Dungeons and Dragons!!!!!” (By the way, my veruca has now gone and I have bought a book called “Rhythm & Blues” for the piano!!!!) Halloween tomorrow!!!!

There is definitely a technique to making a decent “Guy”. Make sure that the legs & body parts are made out of clothing of a decent thickness such as a pair of old jeans and a heavy cotton shirt or jumper. This is so that when the flames begin to take hold the Guy doesn’t just vaporise in 2 seconds which is what happened one year when I made one from some old pyjamas. An old pillow case makes an ideal head & face.

Newspaper makes effective cheap stuffing of sorts but this also tends to burn quite quickly so I would suggest soaking the Guy in water for a bit before placing him on the unlit bonfire. This will prolong the heretic’s execution and you can tell the children this is what will happen to them if they don’t behave…

I really can’t believe I wrote about doing “my job early today for a reason I don’t really know of” and didn’t think “Hmmm, that sounds a bit too toilety, I might just Tipp-Ex it out and start again”.

Hooray for “Dungeons and Dragons”. One of my favourite cartoons. I can’t believe I said it was rubbish on 15th May. I must have been having an off day…

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  1. thanks for this Matthew, I was bored and looking for archive pics of BGS (I went there for my sins from 1986 – 1990) and came across your secret diary! It’s great, funny and must have taken a lot of effort to get it all up here in such detail and with all your annotations – v.cool or ‘skill’ as we used to say! I don’t think I remember your name but you’d have been a couple of years ahead of me I think. I had a couple of boyfriends in the year above – John Bolton and Steve Andrews, I used to hang out with Dan Noble too, but I think these guys would have been in the year below you. Anyway, thanks so much for memories of the midsummer fair and the A and B streams, latin and games! I’m now a full-time musician working with my partner in music for mental health, and mum of 4 kids. Anyway I’ve waffled on, just wanted to say thanks really…

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