Oct 292011

29th October 1986

Cameron came round this morning!!! We went upstairs and thought of excuses for the hole in my shirt!!! We decided that the one about falling over during skating probably wouldn’t work!!!!! I am thinking of accidentally on purpose throwing my shirt away and hoping that mum doesn’t notice that it is missing!!!!!! 5.30pm: My Gran came round with Jeremy!!! Jeremy can do all sorts of things on the electric organ!!!! Gran is staying the night for some reason!!!!!

I thought the explanation about falling over while roller skating was quite a good one actually, although a hole in a shirt made this way probably wouldn’t have black charring round the edges.

The sort of things Jeremy can do on the electric organ mainly consist of being able to play it well, what with him being a musician ‘n’ all that. The sort of things he can’t do on it include culling badgers, making tea and fighting crime.

In other news today Margaret Thatcher officially opened the M25 motorway, with a ceremony in the section between J22 and J23 (London Colney and South Mimms). There you go, you’ve learnt something new today. Quite interesting, while also being incredibly dull.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to travel around the M25 at midnight at high speed then look no further. Here’s some timelapse footage of someone doing just that. You may want make your self comfortable just incase you doze off…

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