Oct 282011

28th October 1986

It was wicked this morning because Me, Olly & James were mucking about with some of Olly’s 10p rockets!!! We took the stick off one of them and place it on Olly’s skateboard!!! It was facing stright at James!!! When Olly lit it, it didn’t hit James, it went out of control and hit me right in the chest!!! I burnt my finger and there is a massive hole in my shirt!!! How will I explain to mum?!! 2.30pm: Went roller skating with Paul and Cameron!!! I’ll say I made the hole during skating!!!!!

Another prime example of why it’s really stupid to piss about with fireworks. Great fun but really stupid.

Bizarre to think that my main concern is how I’ll come up with a plausible story not involving explosives that explains the massive hole in my shirt rather than nearly losing a finger and suffering first degree burns to my chest. The crazy warped mind of a teenage boy.

When I think of the stupid things I have done with fireworks they pale into insignificance when compared with this chap. It’s really difficult not to laugh at this one, so why not just sit back and guffaw at this no doubt soon-to-be Darwin Award winner…

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