Oct 272011

27th October 1986

As it is half term this week I had a nice “lie-in” this morning!!! (’til 9.30am when I had to get up ‘cos I went swimming with Olly and James!!) (Matt was going to come but he is ill!!!) Swimming was pretty good and after lunch I went round to Paul’s!!!! We mucked about on his computer and watched a stupid film!!! When I got home me & Olly were very naughty ‘cos we mucked around with some “Bangers!!” I wonder if Kristin likes me the tiniest little bit?!!!!

Hooray! Half Term. A week off school to piss about and generally be a nuisance. Or to go swimming, play on the computer and watch stupid films.

Went I say me & Olly were “naughty ‘cos we mucked around with some Bangers!!” we didn’t defrost a load of sausages by sticking them in each other’s ears and then set about refreezing them in the shape of balloon animals. No, it’s fireworks again. I was intrigued with the inner workings of the little buggers and would empty out the contents, mix them up and make bigger ones. I’m amazed my eyebrows remained intact. The sort of activity that these days would inevitably result in a knock at the door from the Men in Black, a quick change into an orange jump suit and a perpetual holiday to an all exclusive, full board (including water) Cuban summer camp.

Also, looks like I’ve got too much time on my hands and my mind is wondering again…

This is how NOT to muck around with bangers. Again kids, don’t try this at home. Outside is better…

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