Oct 262011

26th October 1986

Took Topsy for a walk with James, Olly & Matt this morning!!! After I had taken Topsy back, (O, J & M stayed up there!!) I saw them walking home a bit upset!! Matt said some kids started beating them in!!! I didn’t stand stand for this and tried to sort them out but got beaten up myself!!!!

Hmmm. I remember the encounter with these little shits. Well, 2 of them (there were 3 in total) weren’t actually that little. It appears using my Super Strength Builder only gave me the illusion of having super strength otherwise I probably wouldn’t have taken them all on at once.

That’s what happens to have-a-go heroes. If only I’d taken some self defense classes I might have avoided a 3 on 1  trouncing. This chap has the right idea. It’s all about getting wrist control…

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