Oct 252011

25th October 1986

Got up at 9.30am at 10 I went into Town with Matt to get some new trainers!!! Matt is staying the night tonight so we got some videos!!!! After watching them we saw “Queen” in concert on telly!!! After that we went to bed!!! No Rugby tomorrow!!!!

That’s pretty impressive getting out of bed then being out of the house all within half an hour. I find that impossible to do even now.

Why am I getting new trainers anyway? What’s wrong with the pair I acquired 6 months ago (22nd April). Maybe they don’t fit any more or maybe it’s just that my stinky feet have simply destroyed the molecular structure of the shoes themselves. Wouldn’t be the first time.

Ah, Queen. They were fab weren’t they? While Freddie was still on lead vox anyway. They’re not the same without Freddie. It’s been 20 years since he buggered off to the great recording studio in the sky. And that tash. You’d never have thunk he was gay would you?

Here’s a clip form their Wembley gig from Friday July 11th 1986. I’m pretty sure this was the concert they televised.

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