Oct 222011

22nd October 1986

While I was in bed last night I heard mum come back home!!!! Dad said that she had been on the booze!!!! (Everything is back to normal now!!!!!) I hardly ever speak to Liz nowadays and she never speaks to me!!! I don’t think she ever fancied me and I don’t think anyone really likes me at all!!!! In Biology we had to blow into a tube and it told us our lung capacity!!!!! Olly let off some of his fireworks when it wasn’t even dark this evening!!! 7.30pm: Went round to Matt’s!!!!!!

Ah, my flipancy over mother having a drink or two. One way to deal with it suppose. Anyway, we all like to let loose once in a while don’t we? Don’t go over board though kids. Excess in moderation I always say. Though this policy has resulted in other people having to remember the 1990s for me.

Still on a downer about Liz it seems. Well, not just Liz – everybody in the whole world who doesn’t fancy me. Maybe I shouldn’t have given her my Latin dictionary when I no longer needed it.

Good to see Olly still trying to blow himself up. It’s much easier to find the blue touch paper on¬†fireworks in daylight don’t you think? Not such a crazy idea after all.

This what blowing into a tube to test lung capacity is all about. All quite sciencey and clever so pay attention…

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