Oct 202011

20th October 1986

I decided to take my superstrength builder and chest expander into school today ‘cos it’s charity week!!!! I lent them out for 5p for around about 2 minutes!!!! Only a couple of people went on it and by the end of the day I’d only got 35p!!!! Loads of other people were selling cakes and fudge and that sort of stuff!!!! I’m not taking in the superstrength builder tomorrow because it is rather bulky and I look a right wally carrying it!!!

Ah, Charity Week. A week raising money for good causes so we can all feel better about ourselves.

I’m sure there’s no way that anyone would be allowed to take in a chest expander or Super Strength Builder into school these days to let other people use. Not without indemnity insurance anyway which would cost more money than would be raised in the first place. Especially when 35p is the going rate for the first day.

I remember one year I brought in my beloved Spectrum computer and charged 10p a time to go on Space Invaders. By the end of the week I raised £8 which I sent to Blue Peter. I even received a signed “thank you” letter from the then editor Biddy Baxter which was nice. She didn’t bother to include a coveted Blue Peter badge though so I wasn’t that impressed! 😉

No mention of the Sponsored Survival I talked about a couple of weeks ago (8th Oct)…

Maybe I could have raised more money selling jam. Or auctioning dogs…

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