Oct 172011

17th October 1986

I felt really awful this morning!!!!!!! I kept thinking that my piano lesson would go really badly!!!! After school I felt so bad that I wanted to jump in front of a car, but I didn’t!! (Otherwise I probably wouldn’t have written this!!!!) Saw Ben on the bus so I went round to his house for a few minutes!!!!! 4.30pm: The Lesson!!!! 5.00pm: Wow!!! Amazing!!! Mrs B didn’t shout at me!!! She thought I did well!!!! 7:30pm: Went to a thing called “Contact” with Neil!!! (It was a bit like Interview!!!!) Ben is staying the night!!

This “Contact” thing was yet another crusader mindwipe programme. Another Friday night wasted when I could have been out getting twatted. That can be taken in any context you wish…

I think I got myself a little bit unnecessarily wound up about the piano lesson. I must have been subconsciously brilliant without even realising. It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last.

Jumping in front of a car isn’t that big a deal. Unless it happens to be moving at the time in which case the end result can be a bit messy. Probably a good job I didn’t really. Tee hee!

Instead of jumping in front of a moving car, why not jump over one instead? Hmmm. This chap has got the right idea. Do NOT try this at home kids…

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