Oct 162011

16th October 1986

We had a fire drill today which was a total waste of time!!!! It was brilliant after swimming today!!!! While we were “posing” in front of a mirror (me & Paul) we found a “1983” telephone directory!!!! Paul said that Kristin’s number might be in it!!! I said it wouldn’t ‘cos it’s not in the “1985” one!!! Paul said she might have been “ex-directoryised!!!!” Amazingly she was in the “1983” version so now I’ve got her address & phone number!!!! Piano lesson tomorrow and I can hardly do any of my pieces!!!! I’m in a state of depression!!! (As usual!!!)

Oh great. Another spot of telephone book weirdness similar to 11th July. I’m really not proud. My apologies to Kristin as this clearly makes me come across as a complete mentalist. Rest assured I am only a partial mentalist.

And WTF is a 1983 telephone directory doing in the boys changing rooms at the local swimming baths anyway? And why does “1983” warrant inverted commas? Why does “posing” warrant inverted commas? All sounds very odd but I suppose that’s what we’ve come to expect.

Oh dear. I’m really not looking forward to the piano lesson tomorrow.

And Fire Drills are never a waste of time…

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