Oct 142011

14th October 1986

We had to read something for English last night!!!! I didn’t do it!! Nor did some other people, like Andrew Wisheart who was found out!!! He had to write about it!!!! Our English teacher said “Own up anyone else who hasn’t done it or they will get double if they’re found out!!!!” Charlie James owned up and had to do what Andrew had to do!!! I didn’t own up and I was relieved when “teach” went on with something else!!!! 8.30pm: I have moved my room around!!!!

Reading something for English? Whatever next? It would have been one of those old “books” wouldn’t it? You know, those early versions of Kindles made out of paper from the olden days.

So the moral of this story is that if you haven’t read something for a particular piece of homework you should keep your mouth shut or at least pretend you’ve read it by making knowing noises and nodding at all the right places.

Regarding moving my room around, well that never happened. The walls, windows and bedroom door stayed exactly where they were. I moved my bed and other furniture within the room 90° anti-clockwise. If I had continued to do that a total of 13 times I would have inadvertently summoned all sorts of nasties from the nether world…

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